Join our Eczema Engagement Event: Get Help & Learn More About Your Skin Condition!

Join our Eczema Engagement Event to connect with experts and others managing eczema. Learn about new treatments, get practical advice, and discover strategies to enhance your wellbeing. Confirm your attendance today for better skin health.

If you’re struggling with eczema, you’re not alone. This common skin condition affects millions worldwide. While a cure isn’t available yet, there are effective ways to manage and treat eczema. That’s why we’re excited to announce the Eczema Engagement Event, presented by Limelight Health and Wellbeing Hub in partnership with Greater Manchester Eczema and Skin Support (GMESS). This event aims to provide support, education, and consultation for eczema patients. In this blog post, we’ll provide all the details you need to know about this exciting event.

Eczema Engagement Event

Connect, Learn, and Share on 28th September, 2023

Join us on 28th September, 2023, from 6:15-8:00 pm in the Activity Room at Limelight Health and Wellbeing Hub for the Eczema Engagement Event. This event will offer group education, consultation, and the chance to connect with others who understand your experience with eczema.

Event Agenda:

Here’s what the agenda looks like:


Enhancing Health Outcomes:

The Power of Group Consultations for Eczema Care

The group consultation approach has been proven to enhance health outcomes and care experiences for those living with chronic conditions like eczema. This event gives patients the opportunity to receive support, education, and consultation from healthcare professionals and a local charity.

Empowering Eczema Sufferers

Confirm Your Attendance Today

To attend, please confirm your attendance by emailing We understand the challenges of living with eczema, and that’s why we’re dedicated to supporting those who suffer from this condition. Through education, consultation, and group discussions, we believe this event can empower you.

Greater Manchester Eczema & Skin Support (GMESS)

Greater Manchester Eczema & Skin Support (GMESS) is a service aiding those with long-term skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Through lifestyle changes and self-care enhancement, it improves the physical, social, and mental well-being of individuals. GMESS offers peer support groups, ‘Healthy Skin, Healthy Me’ courses, and personalized psychosocial coaching to help service users achieve their skin health goals.

In Summary:

Don’t miss out on the exciting Eczema Engagement Event, offering support, education, consultation, and connections with others facing similar experiences. Limelight Health and Wellbeing Hub and GMESS are committed to improving health outcomes and care experiences for eczema patients. This event is an excellent opportunity to learn more about eczema, receive consultation, and connect with others who understand. Join us and take a step towards effectively managing your eczema.

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