How to Navigate the Switch from AskMyGP to AccuRx Patient Triage?

Steering Your Path Towards Improved Healthcare: A Guide to Ensuring a Seamless and Efficient Transition from AskMyGP to the Innovative AccuRx Patient Triage System for Optimised Patient Care and Communication

As patients of the Limelight Health & Well-being Hub, you may have received news that the healthcare practice in set to transition from AskMyGP to AccuRx Patient Triage beginning on Tuesday 15th August. This new system was chosen for its ease of use and streamlined process for both patients and staff. In this blog post, we will outline the details of this transition and provide important information for patients.

Why the switch to AccuRx Patient Triage?

The Limelight Health & Well-being Hub evaluated several options for a new system before choosing AccuRx Patient Triage. The new system boasts a streamlined process for appointment requests and allows for improved communication between patients and medical staff. This decision was made for the benefit of both patients and staff, ensuring that the healthcare needs of patients can be met in a more efficient and effective manner.

What patients need to know about the transition

Beginning on Tuesday 15th August, patients are asked to use the provided link to access AccuRx Patient Triage for all appointment requests. The old system, AskMyGP, will be phased out and completely offline by Tuesday 22nd August. However, patients who are elderly, vulnerable, or without internet access may call or visit the practice to book an appointment.

How to use AccuRx Patient Triage

AccuRx Patient Triage can be accessed online through the below link. Patients will be prompted to provide some basic information about their symptoms and condition. This information will be reviewed by a medical professional who will then determine the best course of action, whether it be a phone consultation or an in-person appointment. This new system is designed to facilitate more efficient, personalised care for patients.

Accurx - The simple way to communicate about patient care.

AccuRx Patient Triage is an online tool that enables patients to submit medical or administrative queries directly to their healthcare provider. It uses an online form to collect information about the patient’s condition or question, helping medical professionals to prioritise incoming requests based on urgency. This digital solution enhances communication efficiency and accessibility between patients and healthcare providers.

What to do if you have questions or concerns

The Limelight Health & Well-being Hub wants to ensure a smooth transition for all patients during this change and provides a range of resources for patients who have questions or concerns. The AccuRx website contains more information about the new system, its features, and how it works. Alternatively, you may email the Limelight Health & Well-being Hub Feedback Inbox at As the practice kindly asks that patients do not call the office with questions or concerns, please use these resources for assistance.

In Summary:

The Limelight Health & Well-being Hub’s transition to AccuRx Patient Triage is expected to provide a more efficient, streamlined, and enhanced patient experience. As patients, you can expect to receive better communication and personalised care. Please remember to use the provided link to AccuRx Patient Triage for appointment requests from Tuesday 15th August and refrain from calling or visiting unless elderly, vulnerable, or without internet access. If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the provided resources or contact the Limelight Health & Well-being Hub Feedback Inbox for further assistance. We hope this blog post was informative and helpful for all our readers.

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