Our clinical team can provide you with a sick note if you have been off work for more than 7 days and you are not under the care of a specialist service for your issue – please do not submit sick note requests prior to the 7 days. This is a free, NHS service.

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How to request a sick/fit note from us:

  • Please submit your request through our online booking system (book appointment)

  • For a new sick note request, this will usually require a telephone appointment to be made with a clinician before it is issued

  • For a continuation sick note request, this will usually require an administrative check by a clinician before it is issued – they may not need to call you to do this

As sick/fit notes can be backdated, unless you have an urgent medical issue that also needs attention, then we consider them to be routine requests. This means that sick/fit note requests will be actioned within 2 weeks of your submission. Please bear in mind that there may be a wait of up to 2 weeks when submitting afit/sick note request to us.

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